Here at Ideal Store Fixtures, we are dedicated to providing your retail store with highest quality products in gridwall and gridwall accessories. A contemporary alternative to pegboard and slatwall, gridwall is an excellent choice for craft and trade shows. Offering reliable portability and ease of set-up and teardown, Gridwall is also capable of standing on it’s own in various configurations and offers a wide range of accessories. Please contact our sales reps and allow them to walk you through how gridwall can maximize your retail storefronts merchandising needs.

Gridwall Install

Overview, wall-mount grid hangers, grid-panel connectors, grid to slatwall and slatwall to grid adapters, slotted standard grid hanger.

Gridwall Brackets

Overview, shelf bracket, rectangular bar, round bar.

Gridwall Hooks

Gridwall Straight Outs

Overview, rectangular straight out, round straight out, tubular straight out.

Gridwall Corners

Hang-bar corner and shelf corner.

Countertop Displays

Waterfall and Literature

Apparel, Wire Baskets, and Wire Shelves