Gondola & Pallet Shelving in Austintown, OH

Custom shelving from metal is the lasting standard for retailing and merchandising, and it’s broadly applicable across just about any store setting. Ideal Store Fixtures provides its customers with a diverse assortment of metal shelving options in Austintown and Youngstown, OH, to ensure your products are well-displayed and optimally merchandised. Our selection includes pallet shelving, gondola shelving, and new and used metal shelving from manufacturers such as Lozier and Malox.

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We have a full warehouse of options in different sizes and styles, allowing us to build your store’s display capabilities to their fullest. Our goal is to help you sell more, displaying the most product in the best possible way. To learn more about our pallet shelving and gondola shelving solutions or to consult with us about your needs for other options such as glass cube shelves or acrylic displays, please contact us today at 330-270-1874.