In stock, we carry 5 primary colors and 2 wood grains of the leading manufacturers of slatwall.  These come in an endless array of custom laminate, painted colors, and custom groove spacing. Ideal can also offer custom decorator and strength adding treatments and offer a variety of corners and ends to meet any needs to enhance your retail display. We are an industry leader in slatwall installation, having an experienced crew readily able to complete your next storefront project. Contact our sales reps to explore how slatwall can both increase your overall store esthetics but increase sales and merchandising needs.

Slatwall Panels

Overview, standard is a 4×8′ sheet grooved 3″ on center, standard stock colors.

Slatwall Install

Overview, rolled color inserts, j-channel end trim, inside-outside corner trim, color snaps, milled and custom inserts.

Slatwall Brackets

Shelf bracket, glass brackets, hang-bar brackets, adjustable tilt slatwall bracket, rectangular hang-bar and round hang-bar.

Slatwall Hooks

Slatwall Straight Outs

Overview, tubular straight out, round straight out, and round straight out.


Overview, square and rectangular 7-ball waterfall, square and rectangular J-hook waterfall.

Apparel/Wire Baskets/Wire Shelves